Map of photography spots in Europe (and beyond)

Roadtrip in a van alongside the coast of Portugal and Spain. Roadtrip in Iceland between waterfalls and rainbows. Drives on French roads to meet our happy couples. Occasions are always there to make stylish photos. At least when you know how to make them happen. But don’t worry if you don’t know where to go, we’ll help you with this map of our best photography spots in Europe, but not only.

Behing each icon is a spot with a photography taken by us. Well there should be. The map often bugs, we don’t really know why (too much awesomeness probably). If it doesn’t work and you would like to see what is supposed to hided behind one of the icons, please send us a message with the contact form. I promise we don’t bite. You can also get outside and see by yourself what it looks like. But it might take you longer than writing an e-mail.

The map is not complete yet. We update it now and then, so keep an eye on it !

You want to discover our landscape, architecture or artistic portraits ? We picked the best for you.

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