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What will you find in our wedding photographer services


You don’t want your wedding pictures to look like everyone else’s ? You would like unique pictures, creatives, that no one has seen before ?


For each wedding we get inspiration from details, places, colours, light, but mainly you, our couples, to create unique images for you.


Because your emotions are central to us, and every moment of the day brings different ones, our offers all include at least the bride and groom preparation, ceremonies, and couple session.


We also suggest you live fully your wedding emotions, with a first look session, just before the civil ceremony, that will make your hearts beat like one.


No one has an infinite budget, which is why our offers are personalized according to your needs, your wills and your budget.


With the reception ? The party ? Want video on top of your photographies ? Attached to paper or digital addict ? Everything is possible !


On your wedding day, you don’t want to have by your side someone who is stressing you our. We can’t guarantee your family will be perfect on that level, but we promise we will be !


Empathy, kindness and respect will be our priority from our first contact, so that you spend a perfect moment with us.

To know our prices, we wait for you in the contact page for a first conversation. We love to give our prices, but only after we learnt to know each others, because we favor the connection with our couples. It’s essential that we get along well for perfect pictures ! So don’t hesitate to talk to us in details in your first message and leave us a mean to contact you ! We will call you to discuss all this !

Frequently Asked Questions

We will both be there, because we complete each others and are more efficient when we are together. Being a couple also allows us to get two different eyes on your wedding day. Xavier is the main photographer, so he will be the author of most of the pictures you will receive, but I will also be there to bring another look on your wedding day, through photography or videography, depending on the offer you will have picked.

Probably yes. We like to say that we will travel the world for our couples, and up until today we never said no to a wedding just because of the place. We like to take advantage of our travels to discover the region that makes your hearts beat, and that why we look for solutions together so that it doesn’t cost you too much money to have us come to you. So don’t hesitate to contact us, no destination is impossible, we love travellng !

We only give our prices when we get to chat with you. We don’t decide which price you will pay according to your look. Don’t worry we do have a prices leaflet. We simply prefer sharing it once we learned to know each others, and after we talked with you to get to know your needs. That way we can guide you towards the package and options that will be perfect for you, instead of letting you get lost in the leaflet.

However we can tell you that our packages start at 799 euros and can be booked from 1 year to the event (unless you want the full day package, in which case you can book before that, if you really don’t want to miss your chance of having us with you on the day and fear that we won’t be available if you wait). Hourly prices are also available, but you can only book 3 months to the event. Prices start at 360 euros.

Preparation is our favorite time of the wedding, because it’s the calm before the love storm that will hit you on D-day. It’s a unique moment we love to live with our couples. And as all your guests won’t be able to share it with you, they will be happy to be able to discover this moment through the images. Moreover, us being there during preparation allows us to organize a first look session, just for you, during which you will discover each others all dressed up. A moment when we don’t only capture your emotions, we amplify them to have you live a unique moment you will never forget.

This is why we decided to include this in all our packages, because if you picked us, it’s for everything we have to offer. And the experience would not be complete without this. Our wedding photographer’s packages therefore start with the preparation, and stop, according to your will and budget, before the reception, after the reception, or after the party. If your budget won’t allow you to get one of our packages, you can opt out for an hourly service, bookable only 3 months before D-day (if we are available)

Bookings are open 1 year before your wedding day. However if you are the kind of couples who want everything fixed well in advance, and if you are afraid that we might not be available for you anymore if you wait until then, we allow for booking earlier, but only for the package that includes all day. These are our favorites, as we want to enjoy your company for as long as we can.

It all depends on how much time we will spend together. We deliver a maximum, of course. Whatever happens, we guarantee a minimum number with all our packages. But we are not stingy with your souvenirs, you will have more than enough to live this day again each time you have a look at the pictures.

Yes, of course ! However we will get in touch with your photographer before we sign with you, so that we can make sure we share the same vision and that the ways we work are compatible. Because make more than one person take care of your image can be risky if they don’t know each other. If we don’t have the same approach, we might get in the way of each other, and we are here to give you the best images possible. So a good match is essential between photographer and videographer.

You also miss out the small reduction on the video price that our couples get when they take both photos and videos with us.

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You want to see our beautiful couples ?

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