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If you participated in a lifestyle photography session (or just a photography session) with us, you might want to access the private galleries with your images. This will happen here, with the password we gave you. If you don’t have it or lost it somewhere, contact us !

Sharing the pictures you purchased is welcomed under two conditions :

  1. Be sure the people on it agree (if you’re alone it’s easy, but if you are more than one on the picture, it’s up to you to gather their consent !)
  2. Add our copyright following this format : Copyright © Martyn Photography, with a link to our website, Facebook page or Instagram account.

Thanks a lot !

You want to access a gallery ? Use your username and password to have access.

Yohann et Charline au mont Saint-Michel

Leïa & Luc – Séance engagement

Famille Lecampion

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