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Professional photographer for professional customers

You will find below galeries presenting examples of what we can do for you, from a professional to another. Don’t mess up with your company’s image, entrust a professional to polish it and give your communication the right direction.

Do you need photos for your company or for yourself as a professionnal? Ask us! We are professionnal photographers! With us behind the camera you can be sure that the images will reflect the serious of your work. You need your customer’s confidence. They need to trust you with their needs. Let us take care of your images to make sure those customers don’t choose to go with your competitors. There are no limits to what we can achieve in photography. We can take pictures of flats or houses for real estate agencies. We can produce artistic images during concerts or for an album cover. And we have experience in conferences and seminars gained from our previous lives. Of course if you need a corporate portrait, asking a professionnal photographer will guarantee you a high quality portrait, so that your customers know who you are and why they should invest in your products.

Professionnal photographer in France

Settled in France, where we were born, we can be at your side wherever you need us. If you organise a conference in France for instance, we can cover for your images during the formal times but also all the social events that goes with every high quality conference.

International professionnal photographers

If your activities don’t have boundaries, why don’t you hire photographers than can follow you anywhere! We travel everywhere for our clients, and spending months abroad for a project is not a problem for us. We used to live in the UK for three years, and travelled all around the world in scientific conferences before becoming photographers. So if you want your images to keep a same style wherever you need them taken, take your photographers with you!

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