It takes two people to tell a story

Who are we ?

We are Elvire and Xavier, a couple of traveling wedding photographers. Behind the keyboard, it’s her (well, it’s me, stay focused please), behind the camera it’s him. This is the simple version, reality is slightly more complex. I also take pictures, and I make videos. And he is in charge of the instagram account. But we work as a couple anyway, so you will meet us both at some point don’t worry.

Xavier's portrait. Traveling wedding photographer
Elvier's portrait. Traveling wedding photographer

How did we end up where we are?

Xavier was the first one to fall into the magic world of images, through landscape and concert photography. Naturally quiet, good observant, the soul of an artist, he was already making great photos as an amateur. But to be able to live from photography, you also have to be good at communicating, and he was pretty bad. So he went from one job to another following me where science was taking me, in Wales (UK) then in Bordeaux (France). He invested all his money in cameras, lenses and filters, and all his free time in tutorials and field experimentation.

And one day I had to take a break and leave behind me the world of scientific research. As I thought he was sitting on a goldmine, and liked communicating, I did something I excel at : I took us both out of our comfort zone. Dare or not jumping into photography and becoming traveling wedding photographers?

Wait, what exactly is a couple of traveling wedding photographers?

It’s what we found describe the best what we do and how we do it. The centre of our activity is telling stories. Stories of happy people who want to share a day full of emotions with their people. In short, wedding stories. At this point you probably want to ask why we added “traveling” in our description. Simply because after many years moving flats/cities/countries every year, I decided it was time I embrace that. Settling somewhere forever isn’t me. We want to have the door open to change whenever we need to. No kids, no pets, and almost no furniture. We have a furnished van which is kind of our home everywhere (when it’s not broken down), and we just love waking up with a different landscape every morning.

So we settled somewhere, of course, we are not fully nomads. These days it’s our native Normandy who welcomes us. But we leave at least once a month, for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, discovering the places in the world that seduced our couples. It takes longer for the routine to settle in, and who knows, maybe one of these places will seduce us and welcome us longer than planned! We already visited quite a few places in France thanks to our couples, and we can’t wait to see where the next ones will take us !

Do we only shoot weddings ?

Our main activity is wedding photography, because photographing weddings is a challenge we love to take up to. You have to know how to adapt to situations you don’t always control to get the best images possible. And of course there is the social aspect. Capture a wedding, with pictures or videos, is stepping into a couple’s intimacy, but also meet with their families and friends, and discover their culture. It’s being for one day a honored witness with a special mission : making sure this day will never be forgotten by telling the story.

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