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Print sales - Martyn photography ; ;

Print sales

Do you like the photos you see on Facebook or Instagram and you wish you could have them in your home or as a gift? It’s possible! We have prepared this print sales page for this purpose. There is something for all tastes and all budgets, so don’t hesitate to scroll down a bit to explore it all!

Custom prints

As we cannot have a stock of each of our images in all formats, we have set up a digital gallery to sell prints. This gallery will allow you to pay securely online. You will be able to choose the photo (s) of your choice, as well as the support and the dimensions that will best suit your needs and your budget. Don’t hesitate to explore the gallery and indulge yourself! If you have a photo in mind that is not featured in the gallery, feel free to ask us to add it for you.

Prices of our fine art prints on Fine Art paper

The fine art prints we offer are produced in France, in a laboratory carefully selected by us. The paper used is a “Fine Art” paper called Baryta 325g. The quality of the paper and printing guarantee a faithful and lasting result. If you hesitate between several photos, you can opt for a pack of 5 prints, and thus benefit from a 20% discount.

  • Fine art 10 x 15 cm . . . . . . . . . . 14.90 €
  • Fine art 15 x 20 cm . . . . . . . . . . 29.90 €
  • Fine art 20 x 30 cm . . . . . . . . . . 59.90 €
  • Fine art 30 x 45 cm . . . . . . . . . . 89.90 €
  • Fine art 40 x 60 cm . . . . . . . . . 149.90 €
  • Fine art 50 x 75 cm . . . . . . . . . 199.90 €
photo of lagos in portugal at sunrise
photo of a Spanish landscape with a stormy sky

Finally, we recommend that you frame your prints to provide them with greater protection and durability. If you don’t feel like shopping around to find a frame that will fit your print perfectly, you can entrust us with the framing. All you have to do is hang it on your wall!  

  • Fine art framed 20 x 30 cm . . . . 189.90 €
  • Fine art framed 30 x 45 cm . . . . 249.90 €
  • Fine art framed 40 x 60 cm . . . . 299.90 €
  • Fine art framed 50 x 75 cm . . . . 399.90 €

Fine Art Prints on Alu-Dibond

The difference between a print on Fine Art paper and a print on Alu-Dibond is quite simply that the Fine Art paper is then laminated to a rigid backing. This support can then be placed or hung without the need for a frame. It should be handled with care, but is stronger than a simple print on paper, since it can be more difficult to pierce. The absence of a frame also gives a very modern effect, which changes the traditional wall frames.

Photo of a lighthouse in France
  • Fine art on Alu-Dibond 30 x 45 cm . . . 249.90 €
  • Fine art on Alu-Dibond 40 x 60 cm . . . 299.90 €
  • Fine art on Alu-Dibond 50 x 75 cm . . . 399.90 €

Fine art on floating frame

It is an elegant black wooden frame, in the center of which is an art print on Alu-Dibond. The print appears to float inside the frame because an empty space separates the print from the frame. No glass separates the print from the gaze. Thus the print is perfectly highlighted, like an art gallery.

  • Floating frame 30 x 45 cm . . . . . . . . . 349.90 €
  • Floating frame 40 x 60 cm . . . . . . . . . 399.90 €
  • Floating frame 50 x 75 cm . . . . . . . . . 499.90 €
Photo of a fishing boat in Portugal

Numbered and signed fine art prints

You will find below four of our images for which the artistic approach has been more advanced than usual. These images were thinked, imagined and researched upstream by Xavier. These are images that we have traveled for miles in search of the perfect tree. Images for which we returned several times to the same place, until we obtained the perfect conditions of light or sky.

In limited numbers and signed by the artist, these are real works of art that are offered to you. Future collector’s items. Each of these images will only be printed in 10 copies maximum, and are available from 649.90 euros. The format we have chosen to highlight them is a floater frame in 40 x 60 cm. Other formats or supports can be produced on request (provided that the support is suitable for us and does not degrade the quality of the image). In this case, a price supplement may be added to the base price, depending on the medium and format requested.

Tree on a hill overhung with clouds

The tree on the hill

Mont Saint Michel at sunset. Meanders in the foreground direct the gaze towards the mountain, in the center of the image in the background

The Mont Saint Michel

Yellow building in low angle with a square of blue sky standing out in the center of the image


Sky in the middle of concrete at La Défense in Paris

Dark city

Pre-existing prints

We have already had a number of our photos printed for our own use. If you wish to acquire one of these pre-existing prints, we have made an inventory of those that you wish to dispose of. You will find all the information below. A price reduction (due to the fact that these prints are not new, although in perfect condition) is taken into account. As the supports and / or suppliers are different from those offered above, the prices are not exactly the same as above. Delivery costs for pre-existing prints are free for France from 100 euros of purchase. Delivery abroad is also possible on request (possible costs to be expected).

Amsterdam canals at blue hour
Waterfall in Iceland


Sunset over a bay in Wales

Caswell bay

Sunrise on a pontoon in Spain

San Javier

Wave passing through a hole in the rock, and sunset over the carrelets

Les carrelets

Sunrise over Lagos in Portugal


The Cité du Vin at the blue hour

Cité du Vin

marina in Swansea in Wales at blue hour

Swansea marina

Blue sky shape silhouetted between buildings

Bordeaux architecture

Mumbles Pier pontoon in Wales

Mumbles pier

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