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Full wedding photo-reportage ; ;

Private galleries

Private access for our bride and groom and their guests

In the private galleries are the full photo-reportages from our weddings. If you want to access one of them, you will have to be in possession of the password. You won’t be able to see anything without it. There are two ways to get this password: find the flyer we gave you on the wedding day, or ask the couple! Of course you have to promise you won’t give the password to anyone.

You can share the photos if you like them and want everyone to see them but there are two easy conditions:

  1. be sure the person on the picture is ok with this (it’s your responsibility to check this),
  2. credit us : copyright © Martyn Photography, with a link to our website, Facebook page or Instagram account.

Thanks a lot!

How to log in to access wedding photos

We recently invested in new, more user-friendly online galleries. So, if you see the wedding you are looking for appearing just below this text, click on the thumbnail. You will be asked for a password (received on D-day or communicated by the bride and groom).

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