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Wedding photo of a newly married couple under an umbrella

Welcome to our traveling wedding photographers blog

Finally ! After a couple of months full of troubles (it’s great to help a newbie starting its business, but it’s a risky bet, and we lost ours), we were saved by a webdevelopper we met through carpooling. Yes, carpooling is good for both the planet and your business (thanks again Erwan for your amazing work on this website). And we can finally present you our brand new website which includes something we were missing for a long time : a blog ! On which we will talk about wedding, travels, and of course photography.

Champagne bottle opened by the groom during his wedding

What is a traveling wedding photographers blog ?

It’s simply the new space where I will post articles to talk about photography, wedding and travels. Of course you will find some of the texts already published on Facebook at the time we were blog orphans. But you will also get new content ! If you like reading, you will be pleased. And if you prefer watching images or videos, don’t leave yet, there will also be something for you, it’s a promise.

Small tour of what this wedding (and more) blog will be

Wedding stories

If you follow our Facebook page you might already know this, I love telling the stories of the weddings we photograph. I already told the 2019 ones (in French only on Facebook unfortunately, but I might take this chance to translate them for our non-french speaking audience !). I will post them here, and I will also narrate you the weddings to come with the same passion.

Wedding picture of a couple in shadows

Wedding funfacts

Wedding stories are great, but they can be quite long to read, and sometimes you look for something precise, or you just want to read something shorter. Wedding funfacts will be there for that purpose. Short stories we lived on our weddings and that we will share with you.

wedding blog : balloon dropping outside the city hall

Wedding tips

From the choice of your wedding professionals to sending the thank you notes to your guests, planning a wedding is far from being easy. This is why we will give you all our tips for everything to go as smooth as it can go. And we will also introduce you to our favorite wedding professionals.

Wedding photo of a newly married couple under an umbrella

Travel stories

Because we love wandering around the world, for our couples or just for our pleasure, we want you to enjoy it as well ! We will take you with us from time to time in our luggage, through travel stories, served with pictures of course. We can’t travel without a camera.

travel blog : sunrise on a pear during sunset

Travel funfacts

Sometimes things don’t follow the plan when we travel. So we lived a couple of amusing things, and we want you to know all about them.

fishermen boats in Portugal at sunrise, under wooden doors.

Photo / video tips

If you are as in love with images as we are, you might want to know our little secrets. So we will give on this blog tips for you to get better. Sometimes it will be about technique, material, but also inspiration !

Shadow of a couple in front of a wooden door, play on lights and colours.

See you soon on the blog for a first real article !

Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about our new website in the comment section. And please tell us about what you wanna read first. I have plenty of things waiting to be written down but I write for you as well, so tell me what you want (what you really really want 😉 ) !

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