Week-end in Amsterdam : Teaser

Canaux à l'heure bleue, pendant un week-end Amsterdam

Before I can let you watch this short video, I wanted to talk about why and how it was made. So I will tell you all about the conditions united on this November week-end in Amsterdam, which allowed us to create this video. If you are a lazy reader, go straight to the bottom of the page to watch the result !


This week-end was not originally planned in Amsterdam. It was what we call a “roomies week-end”. Indeed, the persons you are about to meet in the video are my ex-roomies and roomies-in-law. The word “roomies-in-law” has been voted during this very week-end in Amsterdam to talk about our respective partners, after some of them complained about the word “+ 1”.

The time when we shared a flat together was in 2014. We were five of us in a flat in Bordeaux during our last four months of engineering school. It was right before we officially became biotechnology engineers. Yes I did have a completely different life before I became a videographer. So in this flat there was Joëlle, Marie (who you might know already, as we photographed her wedding), Charline, Poncho and myself. Some of the roomies-in-law changed since that time, some are still there. Currently the roomies-in-law gang is formed by Clément, Yohann, Sébastien and of course Xavier. Poncho and Sébastien were not able to join us this week-end. Maybe you will find out about them in another article !

After this short (way too short) time together, six years ago (I was just hit by a revelation about how old I am while typing this), we kept the habit of trying to see each other on a regular basis, by recreating the flat-share for a couple of days : roomies week-ends. We pick a date and a destination. Usually the destination is mostly picked in terms of practicity, because it’s more important that we get to spend time together than to play tourists. We share all expenses, like we used to do (short reckonings make long friends), and we spend quality time together.

A capital city

Our destination pick was this time Amsterdam. Indeed, a majority of us were living in Paris this year (5 out of 9), and Amsterdam is easy to travel to from Paris, with the Thalys train. We were two of us in Caen, so only 2h30 from Paris by bus. We could easily join the group from Paris to Amsterdam. The last two, Marie et Clément, lived in Lisboa. So they had a direct flight to Amsterdam. Charline and Marie already knew the City and surroundings, as they spend 6 months in netherlands for an internship. But it was all new for Xavier and I. And Xavier was talking about going there and take pictures for a while, so it was a perfect opportunity !

After looking for accommodation, we opted for an AirBnB in Haarlem. Cheaper than in Amsterdam, but accessible, and Haarlem looked like a cute city. The flat we chose had a large dorm, perfect to host all of us. We felt like in a summercamp. If you never used AirBnB for week-end or holidays, and want to try it, you can click on my referral link. You will get a reduction on your first booking, and I will also have one for my next trip.


Usually, when we are in holidays, we are in holidays. Xavier often takes his camera, in case there is an opportunity for architecture or landscape photographies, but when we go with other people, we know that the trip is not going to be a photography trip. Others might not want to spend an hour waiting for the perfect conditions for the perfect picture.

But this week-end was right after the photography salon, in Paris. And we happened to have bought a Sony alpha 7 iii during the salon, so that we can film our 2020 weddings. Indeed we already signed some for video, so it was time to get equipped. This week-end was perfect to get to practice in real conditions with this new camera. So we took it with us, without the ronin S so that we can stay light.


Filming and editing a video just to practice, while we were supposed to be in holidays and enjoy our time with our friends, required a large amount of motivation. Lucky us, we were packed with motivation this week-end.

We have just discovered the videographer Jérémie, from The Quriky, through an Empara webinar. Empara is a webinar website addressed to french speaking photographers. Anyway, we had a big crush on his view on the wedding photography/videography job, which we felt was really close to ours. And this guy films everything by hand, without a ronin, and with a manual focus, which we wouldn’t have dared to imagine was possible. So we wanted to try it. No manual focus this time, as we did not have a cinema lens (yet). But we still tried filming without stabilization. And I used some of his tips for editing, with for instance the integration of sounds to get a better immersion.

The result, with this video teaser

If you liked it, tell us ! We might publish the longer version, and talk to you with a bit more details about what we did and saw this week-end in Amsterdam.

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